Thursday, July 31, 2014

My First, My Last by Lacey Silks - @LaceySilks

My First, My Last
For me this was a beautiful second chance love story - that I totally loved and enjoyed.  It's about coming back to your first true love - your first everything - and giving it another try, at hopefully the right times in both of your lives.

If you're looking for angst and triangles - then this book isn't for you.  This is a book about a man, loving a woman so much, so deeply - he plans everything perfectly to come back and try to rekindle their love, and hopefully find what they had once before twenty years ago.  It's about a woman, letting herself take the chance again on the one she let get away, without the guilt of putting herself first for once.

A perfect easy, romantic love story - that will have you really believing in second chances.

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