Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Overwhelmed by You (Tear Asunder #2) by Nashoda Rose

Overwhelmed by You (Tear Asunder, #2)
Before I started reading, I wondered if this book was going to be able to live up to the first book in the series, Logan and Emily's story. Luckily, I realized a couple pages into the book, that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.   Reams and Kat's story had me in its grips the entire time - and it sealed the deal, putting Nashoda Rose on my list of "must read" authors.

There is so much to Kat and Ream's story, so much from their past and current issues that will even affect their future - it kept me entranced and guessing what would happen next the whole time. I could barely put the book down, especially the last half - when the angst picked up and got my heart racing, as I wondered what would happen next.

I'm not going to recap anything in my review or talk about anything specific that happened during the book - because I think in doing so it would take away from your pleasure of experiencing their relationship for yourself.  You need to feel their anticipation, joy, fear, dread, and hope.  You need to read this and go through all the ups and downs with them - experience the laughs and the heartache of both Ream's and Kat's life, including their past, present and possibly their future.

Absolutely Loved It!

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