Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Decker's Wood by Kirsty Dallas

Decker's Wood
I think I've fallen in love with a porn-star.
Yeah, that's absolutely one sentence that I never imagined coming out of my mouth, but oh man - how can one not fall in love with Decker Steele??
When I offered to read the arc, I seriously had doubts as to what I was in store for with this book.  How could I not when the synopsis is:
Decker Steele is the Pornography Associations award winning, money making machine. But what does a self-confessed, pussy pounding warrior do when his prized package begins to fail? Freak the 'F' out, that's what!

Andi Jennings is the socially inept, geeky and awkward cousin of Decker's best friend. Only she's not so geeky and awkward anymore. Now she's a smokin' hot country bumpkin, with a smokey voice made for phone sex, and a pair of hot as hell cowboy boots. Everyone adores her, my porn star buddies, my mom and dad, my 'equipment'.

So, the prized package isn't so failing anymore, the catch is, it will only perform for Andi...My friend WITHOUT benefits.
I was totally prejudiced thinking it would be all smut - no story.  But, I figured, what the heck - I know it'll be funny.  Well, let me say that the book was way more than funny, I loved the story - all the characters - and especially the ending.
Decker was such a charmer, he's the boy next door who just so happens to be a porn star.  The past year, he hasn't been working, considering changing professions - especially since he's been having a problem getting "it" up without a little blue pill.  Or he "was" having a problem, until Andi, and old friend of his cousin, moved to NYC to open up her own bookstore.  After seeing her for the first time in twelve years - with braces off, head out of a book, and curves of a woman - suddenly his "equipment" was all fixed and ready for action!

Andi had crushed on Decker since she was a teenager - and seeing him for the first time after all these years, well he only got better.  She knows he's a player, and he's very elusive as to what he does for a living.  As these two reconnect, becoming friends they fight the underlying sexual tension that constantly smacks them in the face.  Decker is afraid to cross the line, he doesn't feel like he's deserving of Andi at all.  And once Andi discovers what his career was, she's accepting of it, as a friend only.

I absolutely loved their relationship together, including his corny nickname of "Country" for her, but especially all their playfulness they had together.  There were so many great moments between these two in the book - and I know all of you who read this already - you have to agree with me the "helicopter" moment is the very best!!  I want to see Decker do that for myself!

The secondary characters in this book, were just as charming and unexpected as ever.  My favorites though were Casey and Lionel, those two just cracked me up - all the visions of Casey in spandex!  But, what surprised me the most, and in the best way possible, was that characters who I would have thought to have acted a certain way, didn't - totally surprising me, and made the book all that more better.  This is definitely a book you should all give a try!


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