Sunday, June 8, 2014

Second Chance (Running Into Love #3) by Annalisa Nicole

Second Chance (Running Into Love, #3)
I always know that I will get a both happy and sad tears with this series, and Adrian and Shays story did not leave me dry-eyed.
Teenage sweethearts who got married after graduation, planning on attending college together, excited about the life ahead of them.  Unfortunately an argument, a car accident, and over hearing some conversations - unexpectedly divides these two permanently.  That is until 17 years later, when fate steps in and these two literally run into each other again, bringing back up all the pain and questions about what really happened back then.
Shay had come back to town to take care of her mother who had a stroke.  She knew there was the possibility of running into Adrian or his family, she just didn't know she would end up working with him.  Seeing him was breaking her heart all over again.  Sure, she was the one who ran, but she had her reasons - even if he didn't know all of them.  She knew Adrian and his family blamed her for everything.
Shay was not the same person from 17 years ago.  She had lost her spark, and Adrian needed to find out why - along with why she just took off 17 years ago without any explanation.  He's determined to find the answers because he still loves her, never stopped, and he's thinking this could possibly be their second chance at love.
Oh, my heart broke so badly for both of them - for all the things that Shay felt 17 years ago.  I could really understand her actions and pain - especially realizing that she was so young at the time, and didn't know what to do.  I could also understand all the questions Adrian had, and was so glad he was bound and determined to not let her run again - and get all the answers he needed.
I absolutely loved this story.  I enjoyed watching Adrian and Shay find their way back to each other, giving and accepting forgiveness, rediscovering the people they are now, and moving forward creating a new life together again.  I love how we get to experience all their ups and downs, not just with Shay and Adrian, but with the entire Wellington family and their extended friends.  This is a beautiful series and I am anxiously awaiting for Chloe and Max's story.

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