Monday, June 2, 2014

In Your Corner (Redemption #2) by Sarah Castille

In Your Corner (Redemption, #2)
Jake and Amanda - two years ago they had an intense couple months together, but then Amanda got scared, she doesn't do serious.  Amanda was focused on becoming a partner in her law firm, trying to become what her father always wanted - she didn't have time for a relationship, she just wanted the physical.  The problem was when she ended things with Jake, she realized then that there were some of her emotions involved with him - she felt things for him that she hadn't for anyone else.  But that was over now, it's been two years - but the moment she unexpectedly meets him as a prospective client - everything comes rushing back for her, all the memories and feelings.  Unfortunately, it ends with her having to decline him as a client, and him walking away.  And that's just where the worst day ever begins...
But sometimes, what you think is the worst thing to happen - becomes an open door to so much more, and that's exactly what happened to Amanda.  Luckily the door also opened up to more encounters with Jake, and oh man, these two togethew - phew! - smoking hot!!
Oh man, I love Jake.  As I read, all I could think about was "what the heck was Amanda thinking ever letting him go!"  Sometimes I really wanted to smack her too, with the way she would push him away, because to me - seriously, Jake was "The Man" the total package and then some!  This wasn't a man in it for a good time, he wanted it all.
The more I think about it, the more I realize how much Amanda frustrated me, until she finally came to the realization of what she had to do to make Jake realize that she was going to take a chance with their relationship.  Not only did she have to take a chance with Jake, she needed to take a risk with her career and give forgiveness to her parents.  She definitely had some tough choices to make.

"My life is better with you in it." - amanda
"You have me, all of me." - jake

Sarah Castille is definitely one of my "must read" authors.  I enjoy this series so much, what's not to love about some hot mma fighters - plus there are so many other characters we got to know in this book that I need to learn more about.  I really can't wait to see who the next book will be about... honestly I'm hoping that it's about Ray!

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